Quotes Hope

Quotes on Hope

by: Sri Chinmoy

Each good though
Is the birth of
A new hope.

May you forever live,
O my heart’s hope!

A life without hope
Is already dead.

Life and hope are inseparable.
Life is the body, and hope is the intuitive divinity in us, the divinity that wants to transcend the reality which we presently are.
Hope is man’s seeking, hope is man’s inner urge, hope is man’s upward flight into the Beyond. 

Ordinary earthly hope is nothing but building castles in the air.
We do nothing for God, nothing to improve ourselves,
we just hope that one day we shall become great, famous, powerful.

But the spiritual hope that we can cherish comes from our inner conviction of truth,
the truth that abides within us and in which we live.
This hope is surcharged with aspiration, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.
This hope is the harbinger of reality.