Prachar’s Poetry

Prachar’s Poetry


My Mirror

The sky sees itself in the ocean,
     The ocean is mirrored in the sky.
The stone is content in falling down,
     The swallow in soaring high.
The flower beckons the bird and the bee,
     The moon to the sun draws nigh.
Yet I wander alone, below and above,
     Secretly cradling an infinite love,

In search of You, my Mirror…

- Prachar

Other Poems by Prachar

Prachar is a member of the Canberra Sri Chinmoy Centre. He has written several poems which can be viewed at his home page: Prachar’s Home.

Prachar is also an accomplished musician and an aspiring runner. He has written an extensive guide to running a marathon, which can also be viewed on his site.

(Photo by Prashphutita)