Poetry of Bhuwan Thapaliya


Some poets have poetry in their hearts,
while others have heart in their poetries.
I don’t know, whether I have poetry
in my heart or heart in my poetries.
I write, whatever, my heart dictates,
I write just that, nothing more,
nothing less, for I know, what I write,
I shall be. Yes, it’s true my readers
I am just a little poet, a true servant
of my heart, and I love not only those,
whom everyone loves, but those too,
whom nobody loves, and see in their
eyes, the heavenly radiance of hope,
as my master often reminds me,
“It is not only when you
go with the time, but against the time,
then you can know more about you,
and the whole human race.”
Sometimes, I agree with him, but
sometimes I just refute his thoughts.
So, one fine day, I decided to decipher
his code, thus I asked him,” I prayed for
thirty years, but never felt the God.”
To my query he just smiled, and told me
to pray for others. In utter disbelief, I shook
my head, and started praying for others,
after a while, I got so much satisfaction
and joy, that my soul compelled me
to shout these immortal words,
“I prayed for thirty years but never
felt the God, until I prayed for others,
then I felt God in every shore.”

Copyright 2005 Bhuwan Thapaliya