Prasad K

Infinite Grace
- Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ ( thanks to their words, I ‘used’ a few here ! ), and all the other Individuations of the One.
The Ganges deluge
The Light of the World
Sprinklings of a Roaring Sun
—- Inspired by an imagination of Swami Vivekananda rendering this about His Guru, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
In Waiting …
- Inspired by ‘One’, and ‘The Bridge across forever’ , by Richard Bach
Romancing in myself…
- Inspired by songs from the movie, ‘ Alaipaayuthe’ ( the Tamil original of ‘Saathiya ‘ ) . Credits – AR Rahman ( Music ) , Vairamuthu ( Lyrics ) , Mani Ratnam ( Situations ? :D )
As I felt it….