All Religions are One

All religions are one,
all names are the same,
the spoken word of humankind
only alters the gaze
of one’s eternal nature
of time’s unifying hand
the clock of desperation
is only know to man.

A flame torched
sears the soul,
Shadows cast
shroud the hole
Eternal flame
truth seeker sees
Tended and then
sets seeker free.

Deep in the ocean of echoes
One voice
calls out to me,
Is it some reflection
where waves
crash to be free
Faintly it filters
through solids
of what
is to love
is to be
Ears opened
in darkness
a symphony.

I go
to the ocean
There will I meet
the one whom I’ve
met before
Whose image
I seek
His tears flow up
on the shore
to the sand
His voice in the waves
filtered through sound
The sand, the salt
the sea
and the air
These are the bine
twisting me

And so the sun
and so the sky
And so the mountain
they do not lie,
The breeze may state
the equivocal,
But truth is found
most pivotal
When fermentation below
tills the ground
New growth erupts
the blossom found
On branches
with colossal height
Who knows what
tills the night.

My religion is the wind
my mosque is the sea
my God whispers
through the voice
of the breeze
my communion is the bird
flying free
my samadhi is the light
filtered through trees.

Little child
little star
Wise men seek
but will they find
Darkened skies
but three sublime
Seek to follow
Aurora’s star
To sweet babe
who sleeps
in night
Shadows seduced
eternal light.


-s.k. lindeman