Estranged Union

You have set the terms for our union so far

By coming to me only through what you are not,

So how am I to admit to myself or to the world -

The many but meaningless samplings of a naught?

You divest me of all my worldly gradients

But you maintain a hidden flux,

Wordless, formless, and motionless still

Which leads me to where it sucks

The purposeful world of people

You’ve covered for me with a faint halo,

I know not if I am going far or near

For my habits of the old still ring shallow

My ardent uses to the world

You have rendered far and few,

For you have sunk me inwards, withdrawn

With the charm and lure of the new

What was once bad and bad alone

Enjoys a new lease of life,

For it no longer gets my solitary attention

Which caused me all my former strife

What was good and mighty good that it was

Walks by my side, dancing its menacing dance

And throwing its licentious glare,

For it knows in the wake of its enticing prance

My emergent modesties would flare