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Poets Time Line – The great poets through the ages. From the classic poets to poets of the present age. The Poet Seers – A selection of the great Seer Poets.
shakespeare British Poets – The great British poets such as Milton, Shakespeare and Lord Tennyson Female Poets – A selection of Female Poets through the ages. From Sappho to Emily Dickinson, and Gabriela Mistral.
A-Z listing of Poets – A- Z listing of poets, from Anna Akhmatova to W.B. Yeats Romantic Poets – The Great Romantic Poets. Including Shelley, Keats, Coleridge and Wordsworth.
Spiritual Poets – Devotional and Spiritual Poets. Including Lao Tzu, Rumi, Mirabai and Sri Chinmoy. American Poets – From the early American Poetry of Whitman and Dickinson to modern poets such as Maya Angelou.
Poetic Themes – Poetry selected by theme.
E.g. Poems on love. Poems on death.
Contemporary Poets – Poets of the Twentieth Century to the present day.

About Poet Seers

Poet Seers is a collection of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from around the world. On this site we hope to share a diverse range of uplifting and inspirational poetry. We currently have over 150 poets including Shakespeare, Rumi, Hafiz, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Chinmoy, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, John Keats.

The site is developed by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

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