Hindu Poets

A selection of Indian / Hindu poets.

Sri Aurobindo Ramprasad
Sri Chinmoy Swami Vivekananda
Kalidasa Paramahansa Yogananda
Mirabai Sarojini Naidu
Rabindranath Tagore Tulsidas
  Sri Ramakrishna   Dilip Kumar Roy
Swami Sivananda   Ramana Maharshi
  Chandidas   Sri Anandamoyi M
  Sri Chaitanya Fikirchand
  Kamalakanta Krishna, Lord
  Shankaracharaya   Vidyapati

Indian Scriptures

The spiritual tradition of Hinduism has produced a rich legacy of poets. These poets have sought to express the sentiments and experiences of their spirituality. One branch of Hinduism stresses the impersonal aspect of God, suggesting the world is an illusion. Thus the poetry of a poet like Shankaracharaya contains a striking message:

“No birth, no death, no caste have I;
Father, mother, have I none.
I am He, I am He, Blessed spirit, I am He!”

However many poets of the Vaishnava tradition take a different approach based on the Bhakti tradition of divine love. The great Bhakti poets such as Ramprasad and Mirabai are able to express through poetry a glimpse into their Divine Romance.

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