Ramana Puranam – 10


All the ancient treatises on jnana

are merely an introductory preface,

enunciated by the learned,

to your book of mauna,

which confers true knowledge.

Are they not therefore alien to true understanding,

those who, even though they have studied all the others,

have lost their connection to that [book of] mauna?


If a child does something naughty,

it is only fitting that the mother

should tolerate and pardon that misdeed.

Likewise, if there is any misdeed on my part,

done either knowingly or unknowingly,

may you overlook it, thinking it nothing,

and give me your joyful approval.

For the world knows that such is the conduct we display,

one towards the other, that I engage in misdeeds

against your holy feet, and you pardon them.


You whose holy feet drive out

the black ignorance of maya !

You who are [like] a great cloud,

pouring down the rain of bliss

that is your grace!

You who are the flood of bliss

in the great river of true jnana,

quenching the scorching flames,

so that they flare up no more

from the three kinds of distress

that sorely torment us!

Ambrosia, delicious to consume!

Great Light, transcending speech!

Mother, you who are an ocean of compassion,

imbued with love’s refreshing sweetness!

Bridegroom, whose feet are like gold,

you who united with my consciousness

within the heart, so that I,

mere dog that I am,

devoid of even one good quality,

might [truly] see!


Youthful One! Beauteous One!

Lord of jnana, who destroyed

the power of the ego,

which arises through the association

with the filthy body,

so that I was infused

with the clarity of consciousness

that is the luminous nature,

without divisions, of Sivam,

which no one can describe!

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