Ramana Puranam – 11

Ramana Puranam -


For those who, thinking without thought,

‘Whence does the ‘I’ arise?’

so that ‘I’ is destroyed within the Heart,

wherein the ‘I’ does not arise,

have died to the five senses [and the mind]

and dwell steadfastly in the Heart,

their minds become Sivam,

the sanctum sanctorum.


Yours are the holy feet of Sivam,

the true, the divine,

which you clearly revealed to me

through the power of consciousness [chit sakti]

as I was whirling, through fear, in confusion

amongst imaginary appearances.


Our Lord! Know that, through all the seven births,

your feet of pure gold,

which are truly worthy to behold,

are the one refuge for us, your devotees!


‘[Infinite] Eye, you who are the luminous space of supreme love,

a single drop from whose surging ocean

can bring peace to the beings of many diverse worlds!’

For those who declare in this way

and perform true austerities

by focusing their minds, meditating, singing praises,

and offering fulsome daily worship,

their minds become completely clear,

freed from the doubts that beset them

in their powerful delusion,

and through this, the world of liberation

will be nearer to them than this physical world.

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