Ramana Puranam – 7


Though it deceives one

by displaying itself outwardly

with a skin of golden hue,

the body exudes filth from its nine orifices

since what is within it is worm-ridden filth.


Even for sinners who bathe in the foul sewer-water

that is the love of this body,

bewilderment will subside and be destroyed

through the all-pervading nature of mauna.

They will remain in a state of rapture,

bathing in the vast ocean of unsurpassable bliss

that is the surging flood of absolute perfection

as they stand in your Court, where,

to the sound of your voice, dispensing jnana,

and the clamour of songs of praise,

your standard is raised up

amidst the ceaseless rattle of victory drums.

There, evil and ignorant as I was,

and worse than a dog in my conduct,

you showed me a tenderness

more noble and all-embracing

than that of a mother [for her child],

and subjected me to your rule.


Destroying in me the [ideas of] ‘I’ and ‘mine’,

you yourself became for me that ‘I’, and that ‘mine’!


You arose as the majesty of the luminous, supreme,

all-transcending consciousness,

so that the base part of my nature

shrank, out of shame, to the size of an atom!

Then, O Supreme Reality,

you revealed that even that tiny atom

was also false,

as you dwelt in the quintessential purity

of your own Self-nature!


Radiant Effulgence, that entirely dispels

the profitless, dark ignorance

of the beings of the earth,

who flounder bewildered upon the ocean

of the pairs of opposites -

prosperity and poverty and all the rest!


Glorious Light, which for jivas

who are caught up in the triad,

ends its delusive power

by revealing it to be a conjuring trick!

The components of the triad referred to here are knower, knowing and known.


Shining swarupa, remaining alone

as the supreme light of the Self

when [all else] subsides,

through the assertion: ‘Not this’, ‘Not this’,

so that not a trace of anything ‘other’ remains!

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