Ramana Puranam – 8


 Unique Essence

that cannot be perceived objectively

through the false imaginings

of the flawed mind,

but can only be known

through the perfect consciousness

of Atma swarupa, mauna!


You are the unmoving reality, the Atma jnana

that rises to bestow an excellence [of clarity]

on the deluding distortions that mask the jiva,

which are merely reflections

upon the mirror of the shaking mind.

Such is your nature!

You hold maya, which creates the illusion

that this nature does not exist,

totally under your control

such that the awareness of those

who have obtained your grace

does not stir even slightly.


To those who are deluded

you are non-existent,

not accessible to their faculties

even in the minutest degree.

But to the gaze of the jnani

you are perceived everywhere

as the absolute fullness.

To those who love you, you are the near one,

to those who do not, you are the far one.

Am I worthy to know

and speak of your noble nature?


When even the Four Vedas and the Agamas,

rising up arrogantly [to describe your nature],

fell silent, their presumption quelled,

it is indeed an occasion for great mirth

that I should speak of

your glory and distinction, your actions,

the nobility of your attributes,

your name and your fame.

The following somewhat cryptic lines appear in ‘Siva Puranam’:

When the Vedas called you ‘Sire!’you rose up on high, plumbed the depths,and spread far and wide as the Subtle One!The idea behind both these passages seems to be that the Vedas, having presumptuously and

fruitlessly attempted to fathom and explain the Self, finally have to concede that the all-pervading Sivam is beyond the scope of their explanations and descriptions. A few lines later, though, Manikkavachagar states: ‘Beyond speech and mind you [Siva] stand, the Vedas’ essence!’

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