In Praise of The Thirty-Two Names of Tara

Amitabha’s jewel-like Compassion,
Though he stirs not from the brilliant non-dual sphere,
Appears to other as Woman with Marks and Signs
To benefit people of our world, great in attachment.

Sole mother producing the Buddhas of the three times!
Through samadhi applying united intuitive knowledge
Of the sphere of non-dual appearance and Void to its object,
The Mode of Existence, You generate blissful Gnosis.

Saviouress! ferrying over the river of suffering
The five lines, who wander in agony of unvirtue
In hard-to-cross floods of birth, aging, sickness and death
With Your boat of Bodhicitta and Compassion!

Sun! that shines on everyone, high or lowly!
The light of Your splendour outshines the seven planets;
The rays of Your knowledge open the lotus of mind;
Your light of Compassion dries up the stream of Becoming.

Excerpt from:  “Praise of The Thirty-Two Names of The Venerable Arya-Tara,” by Suryagupta