Tribute to Mother Teresa

Tributes to Mother Teresa:

by Sri Chinmoy


Affection-Sister, Compassion-Mother Teresa divine,
Every day God’s Smile, Joy and Pride with your soul dine.
Mother, your Calcutta’s streaming tears
And bleeding heart you are.
To you the whole world bows and bows from near and far.
Your life is the fragrance of the world-peace-dream-flower.
Yours is the breath that builds God’s Satisfaction-Tower.

Mother Teresa:
Calcutta’s Soaring Bird
India’s Sailing Moon
The World’s Weeping Sky
Earth’s Tearing Loss
Heaven’s Dancing Gain
The Christ’s Blossoming Promise
The Mother Mary’s Harvesting Pride.

My sisters and brothers of the world,
Are we so blind that we cannot see
God’s own Autograph
On Mother Teresa’s forehead?

To be in your blessingful presence
Is to breathe in
A breath of living compassion.

A single whisper from you
Has transformed thousands of non-believers
And disbelievers.

If any dying sufferer on earth
Needs someone to cry for him,
With him and in him,
Then he can unmistakably see
Mother Teresa’s all-embracing arms
Faster than the fastest
Approaching him.

Mother Teresa does many, many things
For the betterment of the world,
But when she washes away
The untold sufferings
Of the unloved ones
With her heart’s streaming tears-
That is by far the best.

When Mother Teresa approaches
Ill-fated sufferers,
What does she say?
‘Do not worry, my child, God is coming.
Indeed, I see in you the living presence
Of Jesus Christ Himself.

Mother Teresa is
The dreamer of happiness
In the heart of
Suffering, imprisoned humanity.

Mother Teresa, Mother, Mother, Mother:
Humanity’s Flower-Heart,
Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul.

– by Sri Chinmoy


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