Paradise On Earth

(The Consummatum Incarnate)

Why bother I with lengthy books
of never ending prose
when a few short simple verses
displays the truth that grows.
For time’s not made for talking,
but listening to the waves;
the music of the divine spheres;
the dividend that pays.

But my story’s not yet over,
there’s more now yet to tell;
but not of other worldly things
like Paradise, or Hell.
But now I think I’m beaten;
alas what can I say
of that final thing I saw
when the last cobweb blew away ?

part two

Life’s not just for Paradise,
or places out of time,
for there’s something even stranger yet,
that wont fit in a rhyme.
Just when I thought I’d seen it all,
and whilst sitting on a hill,
I saw, quite all around me,
the final Cosmic thrill.

‘Twas like all love ascended
upon the Earth that day;
and the Essences of Paradise
arrived on Earth… to stay.
For twenty years I’d questioned
the reason for my birth;
but then the pieces hit the mark,
when Paradise came to Earth.

There was not much that I could do,
my self was all… ‘undone’,
and liberated from its chain,
I danced, with One… with One !?
For twenty years I’d wondered
what more there was to do:
but on second thoughts, I’ll keep it !
And best that you do too.

By: Dick Richardson

West Somerset.