Think On

Think within thee, till the light of day
Be as the darkness of very night—
Till the self-illuminated Way
Show thee the Darkness to be but Light.

Then shall the bounds of the solid Earth
Mingle with the liquid of the Sky:
Then shalt thou gain freedom from Re-birth,
Merging into Shiv the Self on high.

When the nectar of the waning Moon
Riseth to feed the awaiting Sun,
What is it aught but an empty boon?
Booty that the maw of Rah hath won.

Yet shall Self-illuminated Thought
Show another picture, late or soon:—
Ignorance blind—as a demon caught;
Rah himself as booty of the Moon.

There be that to know and to be known.
There be knowledge, too, to know them by.
By the Light in thee shall both be shown,
Thinking and thinking, if thou but try.

Rah it was came booty for the Moon;
Now shall the Moon be booty of thine.
Think on, and both shall a void soon:
Only shall remain the Thought Divine. 

By: Lalla

From:  The word of Lalla the prophetess; being the sayings of Lal Ded or Lal Diddi of Kashmir (Granny Lal) known also as Laleshwari, Lalla Yogishwari & Lalishri, between 1300 & 1400 A.D. Done into English verse from the Lallavakyani or Lal-wakhi and annotated by Sir Richard Carnac Temple, bt. Cambridge [Eng.] The University press, 1924.

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