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About Sri Chinmoy Centre

The first Sri Chinmoy Centre was established in Puerto Rico in 1966. There are now centres in many different countries around the world. These include centres in Europe, The Former Soviet Union, Australasia, Africa, Asia and North and South America.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a place for students of Sri Chinmoy to come together for spiritually related activities such as meditation, music and service to the community. At the heart of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is the emphasis placed on meditation. Through meditation students seek to achieve inner peace and bring their own spirituality to the fore.

As well as meditation the Sri Chinmoy Centre is active in offering many community services. These include free meditation classes. In these classes students of Sri Chinmoy offfer an introduction to the basics of meditation. There are similarities with other types of meditation but Sri Chinmoy suggests the most effective place to meditate is on the spiritual heart. Therefore the classes focus on this technique as a way of silencing the mind. Sri Chinmoy is also a keen advocate of physical fitness and its importance in the spiritual life. To this end the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organise many running events, these include races from 2 miles to the world’s longest race of 3,100 miles.

A recent development to the Sri Chinmoy Centre is the formation of OHTS a humanitarian service offering aid to various countries around the world.

Many of the nature photos on this site are taken by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. We are grateful for their permission to reproduce the photos on this site because they make a big difference to the visual impact of the centre. See photos of Sri Chinmoy Centre

The Sri Chinmoy Centre also sponsors Vasudevaservice for Plone. Vasudevaservice is the home for Sri Chinmoy,org and many other sites related to spirituality and Sri Chinmoy.


Sometimes I must be silent,
For that is the only way
To know a little better,
To think a little wiser,
To become a little more perfect,
To claim God a little sooner.

Sri Chinmoy