The Fairy That keeps Whispering

      The Fairy That Keeps Whispering

     The fairy that keeps whispering and

         the hand that clasps the bee

     Fingers open and the swallow

          flies to buttercups on the breeze

     Yellow faces touched by dew’s breath

          nectar of the nebulous night

     Bee swallows sweet and tender

          honey lips of evanescent stalk

     Scent of freesias soften sadness

           till swept by winter’s laugh

     Cackling in the hollows

          frozen fingers clasping grass

     But caresses in the morning

          veil the stare of moon’s soft grin

     Spring flutters on the shadow

          through clenching winter’s jaw

     And the secret told in darkness

          to the fairy and the bee

     Takes flight on fairy laughter

          and spirals into the breeze.

– S.K.Lindeman