Merciful Dance

Writhing bodies clad in black
Flow past me as I stare.
Like beacons on a stormy sea
The lights around them flare.

Leather, velvet, metal, lace –
These ornaments they don,
Yet their necks remain unclothed
For me to gaze upon.

Swirling through the smoke-filled air,
The music lifts their soul.
Succumbing to this sonic drug,
Their minds have lost control.

I pull my cloak in close to me
And drift into the crowd.
I search each ghoulish painted face
As death looms like a cloud.

My angel’s face appears to me
Amidst the swaying mass.
I glide to her through sound and haze,
Ignoring those I pass.

My eyes fixate upon her skin –
So smooth, so soft, so white…
Her naked arms flail wildly.
She waltzes with the night.

I reach out, and I touch her hair
Which has fallen in her eyes.
She sees me for the first time now
And jumps back in surprise.

I grasp her hand and pull her near.
She’s powerless to my touch.
I feel her warmth flow into me.
I want her blood so much.

But I can bring no harm to her,
Despite my deadly urge.
As I stand there with my love,
My heaven and hell converge.

I cannot make her who I am
To live eternally,
Feeding off the innocent
As they die painfully.

And so I share a final dance
With her before I go.
I kiss her lips once, turn away,
And let my hunger grow.

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