Songs of Kabir


“O my heart!  the Supreme Spirit, the great Master, is near you: wake, oh wake!
Run to the feet of your Beloved: for your Lord stands near to your head.
You have slept for unnumbered ages; this morning will you not wake?”

– Kabir

Songs of Kabir

Kabir, one of India’s greatest poets,  defies easy classification because like the greatest mystical poets his lofty vision transcends religious sects and ideology.

Indeed, Kabir was often critical of all the established religions and sects of his time. However despite this Kabir was admired by people of different faiths including many of the religious orthodoxy.

The appeal of Kabir is that in reading his poems we feel he is sharing his authentic mystical experiences. By immersing ourselves in the poetry of Kabir we can begin to imagine this consciousness ourselves. The poetry offers a depth of mystical experiences and The poetry of Kabir repays careful reading. Often we will get fresh insights each time we read a poem.

Kabir has long been revered in India but it was not until Tagore’s translation in 1916 that the West came to appreciate the works of Kabir.

Tagore the King of Poets is the ideal choice for translating Kabir’s poems. Kabir is maybe more devotional and overtly spiritual; however both  share a unique poetic capacity to inspire our spirit.

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