The Inner Fields

There is a brighter ether than this blue
Pretence of an enveloping heavenly vault,
Royaler investiture than this massed assault
Of emerald rapture pearled with tears of dew.
Immortal spaces of cerulean hue
Are in our reach and fields without this fault
Of drab brown earth and streams that never halt
In their deep murmur which white flowers strew

Floating like stars upon a strip of sky.
This world behind is made of truer stuff
Than the manufactured tissue of earth’s grace.
There we can walk and see the gods go by
And sip from Hebe’s cup nectar enough
To make for us heavenly limbs and deathless face.


Sri Aurobindo

  • The Sonnets

    Reference: # 160 in “Les poèmes de Sri Aurobindo” (bilingual edition)
    also in “More Poems” – 79
    and “Collected Poems” – 158
    all published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Pondicherry
    diffusion by SABDA