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Stray Birds – Tagore

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Stray Birds are short poems, short aphorisms which embody Tagore’s love of nature and love of simplicity.

The power and beauty of these poems comes from their simplicity. For example the poem belowis an example of how Tagore uses the splendour of the universe to inspire and soothe the human spirit.

“IF you shed tears when you miss the sun,

you also miss the stars.” (no.6)

But while Tagore is aware of human deficiencies he is also aware of the inner divinity which is innate in man.

“THE fish in the water is silent,

the animal on the earth is noisy,

the bird in the air is singing,

But Man has in him the

silence of the sea,

the noise of the earth

and the music of the air.” (no.43)

These poems encompass a wide range of ideas illustrating Tagore’s fount of creativity, we hope you enjoy these poems.

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