The Flower School

“When storm-clouds rumble in the sky and
June showers come down,
The moist east wind comes marching over the heath
to blow its bagpipes amongst the bamboos.
The crowds of flowers come out of a sudden,
from nobody knows where,
and dance upon the grass in wild glee.

Mother, I really think the flowers go to school underground.
They do their lessons with doors shut,
and if they want to come out to play before it is time,
their master makes them stand in a corner.
When the rains come they have their holidays.

Branches clash together in the forest,
and the leaves rustle in the wild wind,
the thunder-clouds clap their giant hands and
the flower children rush out in dresses of
pink, yellow and white.

Do you know, mother, their home is in the sky,
where the stars are.
Haven’t you seen how eager they are to get there?
Don’t you know why they are in such a hurry?
Of course, I can guess to whom they raise their arms,
they have their mother as I have my own.”

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 (This poem is from ‘The Crescent Moon’ by Tagore)


Rabindranath Tagore

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