Chapter 10

Sri Krishna reveals to Arjuna His glory and His power. Krishna says, ‘No one can fathom my origin for I am the source of all, I am the origin of all. I am unborn, I am without beginning, and I am also the mighty lord of the worlds.’ Then Krishna says that those who love Him, worship Him and are in constant union with Him, receive from Him the power of understanding by which they reach Him. Out of compassion for these people, Krishna destroys the darkness born of ignorance in them. (10.1-11)

Then Arjuna says to Sri Krishna, ‘O Krishna, You are the source of all beings. You are known by Yourself alone. Neither the gods nor the demons can fathom your manifestations. You are the Lord of Lords. But I am not satisfied. Please relate to me in detail of Your power and manifestation.’ (10.12-18)

At this Sri Krishna explains to Arjuna that there is no end to the extent of His divine glory, “O Arjuna, I am the self seated in the heart of all beings, I am the beginning and the middle and also the end of all beings.’ (10.20) Therefore in order not to confuse Arjuna, Krishna declares only those divine forms, which are prominent. In the end Krishna concludes by saying, ‘I am the seed of all things, animate or inanimate. I established the whole universe with a portion of Myself.’ (10.39-42)

Commenting on this chapter in the Gita, Sri Chinmoy says,

‘The Gita teaches us the purest oneness. This oneness is the inner oneness. This inner oneness is at once spontaneous and unique. This oneness can never be truncated or dwarfed by the mind. The realm of oneness is far beyond the approach of the physical mind.

Self-knowledge is the knowledge of universal oneness. Divine perfection can be founded only on the fertile soil of universal oneness. Serve humanity precisely because Divinity looms large in humanity. Know Divinity and you will in no time realise God’s Immortality in you and you’re Immortality in God. God in man and man in God can only announce the truest embodiments of perfect Perfection.’

Chapter 10: God is The Source of All:

To Know Him is To Know All

The Immanence and Transcendence of God

The Blessed Lord said:


Non-violence, equal-mindedness,

contentment, austerity, charity, fame and ill-fame,

the different states of beings proceed from Me alone.


To these who are in constant union with Me

and worship Me with love,

I grant the power of understanding by which they come unto Me.


Out of compassion for those same ones,

remaining within My own true state,

I destroy the darkness born of ignorance

by the shining lamp of wisdom.

The Lord is the seed and perfection of all that is

The Blessed Lord said:


Of the great sages I am Bhrgu;

of utterances, I am the single syllable Aum;

of offerings I am the offering of silent meditation


Of the deceitful I am the gambling;

of the splendid I am the splendour;

I am victory; I am effort

and I am the goodness of the good.


But what need is there, 0 Arjuna,

for such detailed knowledge by you?

I support this entire universe

pervading it with a single fraction of Myself.