Chapter 9

Sri Krishna says, ‘To you I shall declare this profound secrete of wisdom that can be known by direct experience. Men who do not have faith in this way, will not attain Me and are fore ever bound to the sorrows of life and death.’ (9.1-3) Then Krishna speaks to Arjuna about his divine mystery, ‘My unmanifested form pervades the entire universe. Under My guidance, Nature gives birth to all things, moving and unmoving. At the end of the cycle all beings dissolve into My nature and at the beginning of the next cycle I send them forth. All these works do not bind Me. I am unattached to all these actions. All beings abide in me but I do not abide in them.’ (9.42)

‘The deluded slight Me, My human incarnations, knowing not that I am the Lord Supreme of all beings.’ (9.11)

Sri Chinmoy explains these words of Sri Krishna in the following manner:

‘To recognise an Avatar is not an easy thing. Either one has to be blessed by the Avatar himself or one has to possess the gift of inner vision. An aspirant has to prepare himself in order to recognise an Avatar. He has to shun sense-pleasure. He must not be controlled by passion. It is he who has to control his passions. He has to breathe in constantly the breath of purity. Fear he has to tear down. Doubt he has to smite. Peace he has to invoke. Joy he has to imbibe.’

Krishna once again reminds Arjuna that those who worship the gods go to the gods, those who worship the manes go to the manes, those who worship the spirits go to the spirits and those who sacrifice to Him go to Him.

Krishna tells Arjuna that whatever is offered to Him with love, whether it is a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water – He accepts. Krishna says, ‘Whatever you do, whatever you eat, or offer or give away, whatever austerities you perform do them as an offering to Me. You shall then become free and attain me. To Me all are alike, I know no favor, I know no disfavour. My loving devotees who worship Me are in Me, I am also in them. By fixing your mind on Me, rever Me, worship me and be devoted to Me then you will come to Me.’ (9.26-34)

Chapter 9: The Lord Is More Than His Creation

The incarnate Lord as the Supreme Realiy


By Me all this universe is pervaded

through My unmanifested form.

All beings abide in Me but I do not abide in them.


And (yet) the beings do not dwell in Me;

behold My divine mystery.

My spirit which is the source of all beings sustains the beings

but does not abide in them**.


Nor do these works bind Me,

0 winner of wealth (Arjuna),

for I am seated as if indifferent,

unattached in those actions.

Devotion to the Supreme brings its great reward:

Lesser devotions bring lesser rewards


I am the ritual action,

I am the sacrifice,

I am the ancestral oblation,

I am the medicinal herb,

I am the sacred hymn,

I am also the melted butter,

I am the fire,

and I am the offering.


But those who worship Me,

meditating on Me alone –

to them who ever persevere,

I bring attainment of what they have not

and security in what they have.

Devotion and its effects


Whosoever offers to Me with devotion a leaf,

a flower, a fruit, or water-that offering of love,

of the pure of heart, I accept.


On Me fix thy mind;

to Me be devoted; worship Me;

revere Me; thus having disciplined thyself,

with Me as thy goal,

to Me shalt thou come.