All this, whatsoever exists in the universe, should be covered by

the Lord.  Having renounced (the unreal), enjoy (the Real).  Do

not covet the wealth of any man.

We cover all things with the Lord by perceiving the Divine Presence

everywhere.  When the consciousness is firmly fixed in God, the conception of diversity naturally drops away; because the One Cosmic Existence shines through all things.  As we gain the light of wisdom, we cease to cling to the unrealities of this world and we find all our joy in the realm of Reality.

The word “enjoy” is also interpreted by the great commentator Sankaracharya as “protect,” because knowledge of our true Self is the greatest protector and sustainer.  If we do not have this knowledge, we cannot be happy; because nothing on this external plane of phenomena is permanent or dependable.  He who is rich in the knowledge of the Self does not covet external power or possession.

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The Upanishads translated by Swami Paramananda

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