That One, though motionless, is swifter than the mind.  The

senses can never overtake It, for It ever goes before.  Though

immovable, It travels faster than those who run.  By It the

all-pervading air sustains all living beings.

This verse explains the character of the Atman or Self.  A finite

object can be taken from one place and put in another, but it can

only occupy one space at a time.  The Atman, however, is present

everywhere; hence, though one may run with the greatest swiftness

to overtake It, already It is there before him.

Even the all-pervading air must be supported by this Self, since

It is infinite; and as nothing can live without breathing air,

all living things must draw their life from the Cosmic Self.

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The Upanishads translated by Swami Paramananda

Text from: Project Gutenberg


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