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Dilip Kumar Roy, achieved fame throughout India and abroad as a beautiful and soul – stirring singer. He came from one of the most aristocratic and artistic families of Bengal, and he has been regarded as playing an important role in the artistic renaissance in India.

Mahatma Gandhi said of him.

‘I may make bold to claim that very few persons in India – or rather in the world – have a voice like his, so rich and sweet and intense.’

But despite achieving fame as a great singer Dilip Kumar Roy became a devoted seeker of the truth and a close disciple of Sri Aurobindo. Dilip wrote many illumining books on his life in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and his correspondance with Sri Aurobindo.

Throughout his life he had the opportunity to meet with many illumining and spiritual personalities writing several books about these great Saints and Sages. He was good friends with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Romain Rolland and Betrand Russell. He also maintained a long correspondance with the great British / Hindu sage Sri Krishnaprem.

Later in his life, after the passing of Sri Aurobindo, Dilip Kumar Roy founded his own Ashram (Hare Krishna Mandir) in the south of India. He spent much of his time singing Bhajans, (devotional songs). Dilip composed many spiritual poems / songs and also translated many great Hindu Poets into English.


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View: Dilip Kumar Roy Poems

Sri Aurobindo on Dilip Kumar Roy

‘Dilip, I have cherished you like a friend and a son and have poured on you my force to develop your powers – to make an equal development in the Yoga.

Your destiny is to be a Yogi but an ascetic dryness or isolated loneliness is not your spiritual destiny since it is not consonant with your swabhava which is made for joy, largeness, expansion and a comprehensive movement of the life force Poetry and music come from the inner being That is why you got the poetic power as soon as you began Yoga Go on in the path of Yoga without doubt Surely you cannot fail!

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Chinmoy on Dilip Kumar Roy

“…In terms of the affection, blessings, fondness and even pride that Dilip received from Sri Aurobindo, nobody can come near him. He was a great musician, a colossal soul and a supreme devotee of Sri Aurobindo.”

Sri Chinmoy on Dilip Kumar Roy

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