The Blossom Never Knows

The blossom never knows the fragrance sweet

That in its blossom’s mystery lies,

The deeps that mirror forth the Infinite

Question its secrets with their sighs.

For whom throng still the murmuring bees,

Restless amid the perfumed trees?

Whose memory thrills the impassioned breeze

And paints the magic skies?

Whose one lamps through the way-lost night

Glimmer in moon and starry light?

Whose glory in the dawn breaks bright?

For whom yearns all and cries?

For whose greatness down the ages long

Are the wide heavens a sapphire song?

For whom runs the stream with bablling tongue,

Repeats whose harmonies?

Whose breath perfumes trees, flower and grass,

Inspires the atoms’s dance in space?

Whose trailing robes in twilight pass,

A shadow in longing eyes?

Oh, if thou never wilt appear,

Why are thy masks of Beauty here?

Why sound thy anklets everywhere,

The spell that never dies?

My heart forgets that in my heart

Thy throne for ever lies.

Dilip Kumar Roy

From: Among the Great 1950: by Dilip Kumar Roy (out of print)


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