Verse 1


O ocean of Grace-full ambrosia!
O Arunachala, Supreme Spirit, by [whose] series of

rays the solid form of the universe is swallowed!
Be the sun for the complete blossoming of [my] mind-lotus.


O ocean of ambrosia, which is the fullness of Grace! O Supreme Spirit Arunagiri, who swallow everything by spreading rays!
Shine as the sun which will open completely

[my] mind-flower, which is swelling.

Explanatory paraphrase: O ocean of amrita (the ambrosia of immortality), which is the fullness of Grace! O Arunagiri, the Supreme Self (paramatma), who swallow everything (the entire world-appearance) by spreading rays of the light of Self-knowledge! Graciously shine as the sun of Self-knowledge that will cause my mind-lotus, which is swelling with love and ready to blossom, to blossom fully.


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