Verse 3

O Arunachala! By a very blemishless mind having sought thus,
“From where does it come as ‘I’?”, having entered within,
and having known one’s own form, one becomes

still in You, like a river in the ocean.

O Arunachala! By that blemishless mind
which is ‘I’-facing having scrutinized thus,

“Where rises this ‘I’?”, and having clearly known the ‘I’-form,
one ceases in You, like a river in the ocean. Know.

Explanatory paraphrase: O Arunachala! Having scrutinized with that pure mind which is facing Selfwards (ahamukham) ‘Where does this ‘I’ rise?’ and having thereby clearly known the form (the real nature) of ‘I’, one ceases to exist by merging in You like a river which merges and loses its form in the ocean. Know thus..’

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