Sri Krishnaprem

Sri Krishnaprem

Sons of an intellectual age, we scan

And weigh the heart’s findings with our mental measures,

Surmising never once that no mind can

Win even a clue to the soul’s resplendent treasures.

The more we probe the more must thought mislead

Till even the meaning of our spirit’s birth

Is buried in the din of words that plead

For the reign of trifling truths of temporal worth.

You diagnosed this fatal malady

With an insight born of loyalty to love

And so disowned our reasoned revelry

Whose dire discord your heart could never approve.

O Reason’s elect, withal, a citizen

Of stellar climes no mind has ever trod:

Who saw your radiant Face could never again

Doubt faith’s deep power of leading us back to God.

From “Yogi Sri Krishnaprem ”  by Dilip Kumar Roy



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