Thou Art My Salvation

Thou art my salvation and freedom is mine,
I am not, I melt as a pearl in sweet wine!
My heart, soul, and self, yea, all these are thine;
O Lord I have no more to offer!

I drink of the nectar of truth the divine,
As Moses thy word, as Yusuf they shine
who walk in thy ways; and Christ is thy sign:
Thou raisest to life everlasting!

Thou art as Muhammad to them that repine,
My spirit is purged as the gold from a mine!
I only know that my heart beats with thine,
And joys in boundless freedom!

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Note: The quotation is from Regina Miriam Bloch, The Confessions of Inayat Khan (London: The Sufi Publishing Company Ltd., 1915), pp. 38-4