Right now fear, doubt, anxiety, tension, and disharmony

Are reigning supreme.

But there will come a time when this world of ours

Will be flooded with peace.

Who is going to bring about this radical change?

It will be you; you and your sisters and brothers.

You and your oneness – heart will spread peace

Throughout the length and breadth of the world


God has infinite children,

But the name of His fondest child

Is Peace.

Peace we achieve

When we do not expect anything

From the world,

But only give, give, and give


What we have and what we are.

I meditate

So that I can inundate

My entire being

With the omnipotent power of peace.

Slowly and steadily you have to silence your mind

So that the peace – dove can nest in it.

O dreamers of peace, come.

Let us walk together.

O lovers of peace, come.

Let us run together.

O servers of peace, come.

Let us grow together.

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From ‘Wings of Joy’  by Sri Chinmoy

© 2002 by Sri Chinmoy – All rights reserved