All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

This is the work of the body:
to grow ever-mindful of spirit.
Feet sledge-hammer boneflesh
upon a pavement of unforgiving reality
to a rhythm of heel-step-breathe heel-step-pray…

This is the work of the soul:
to honor purposes of mind and body.
Love slides down the side of the heart
like a mud of silk and funk and perfume
rushing down mighty Kilimanjaro.

Muscles stretch from star to moon to heart,
shrink to a single comet; the sweet
heave-ho of flesh awakens to higher intention.
Pain like an over-efficient android
builds metallic agonies of nerve and thought.
Joy like a forty-day flood of acrylic roses. 

This is the work of the body/soul.
Breath of perseverance pumps determination
the way engines of eternity spew fresh planets.
Fingers of faith clench a gnarled fist of freedom.
A hook and line dipping deep into
rolling streams of a would-be heaven
snag on the sunken treasure of unexpected grace.

by Aberjhani
Blogging on the Banks of the Amazon