Angel of War

This jig death dances
around your tongue, scorns and rapes
Earth as it pleases.

Why do we shout the names of gods but worship you?

Before the first stone
crushed the first skull, fear had claimed
the first victory.

Does the potential for peace make the reality of hate sweeter?
Before the first spear,
arrow, or cannon – – humans
abandoned their souls.

The phrase ‘nihilistic techno-bitch’ – – means what, exactly, to you?

Wings of centuries
flutter chaos through children’s
bones, dreams, screams, and blood.

Do invitations to slaughter beauty ever make you cry?

Feathers of bullets,
feathers of daggers, missiles,
heroes, and coffins.

If missiles are faux dildos, what are babies splattered by bombs?

A halo of ice
drips the chilling truth – – of this
horror mankind does.

In which countries should patriotism renounce itself first?

Were you a poet,
how easily nations would
still your holwling scythe.

If with all your power you kissed the angel of love, what then might happen?

Gobbler of prophets
and history’s excrement,
must you never rest?

By Aberjhani