Spiritual Poetry

“Poetry that springs from a devout heart leads kindred hearts to the ever-sweet One … No other divine faculty perhaps has a greater power of transcendence over limits to the illimitable”

Sri Chinmoy

Spiritual Poets

– At Poetseers we have a range of spiritual poetry from the different spiritual traditions, including:

Sufi Poets

Hindu Poets

Christian Poets

Buddhist Poets

Chinese Poets

Contemporary Spiritual Poets

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The Poet Seers

– From the ancient cultures of the East to the present time. The great Poet Seers have reached beyondculturaland social divisions to inspire and uplift the human consciousness. The lofty utterances of these poets represent the universal yearnings and realisations of all humanity.

The Poet- Seers includes poetry from:

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Chinmoy


Rabindranath Tagore

William Blake



Lao Tzu




Articles on Spiritual Poetry

Poet – Seers
– Articles on Poet Seers such as Shakespeare, E.Dickinson, Milton, Dante Aligheri, W.Blake and Ralph W.Emerson

Transcendental Poetry
– “In order to write a poem, the poet must transport himself to the sphere of the Muse and lose himself there. He has to be like a flame that burns away everything but itself.”

Poetry – Poet – Poem
– Sri Chinmoy discusses Poetry and the art of writing poetry

Poet and Poetry
– Article on Spiritual poetry and different types of poets