Be Drunk in Love -455

Be Drunk in Love Since Love Is Everything That Exists

Ghazal 455


(Regarding) the spirit that isn’t (wearing) real love (as its)
inner garment, (its) never having existed (is) better, since its
existence isn’t (anything) other than a shameful dishonor.

Be drunk in love, since love is everything that exists. Without the
occupation and trading of love there isn’t (any) door to the

It is said, “What is love?” Say, “Giving up free will.” There isn’t
(any) free will (for) anyone who hasn’t let go of free will,

The lover (of God) is a king of kings (with) this world and
the next scattered before him; there isn’t any attention (on the
part) of the king toward (such) scattering.

It is love and it is the lover that are enduring for time without end;
don’t put (anything) except this upon (your) heart, since it isn’t but
(something) borrowed.

You can’t embrace a dead lover (for long), (so) embrace the soul
that isn’t embraced (by anything).

That which was born from Spring will die in the time of Autumn.
(But) there isn’t (any need of) help from the beginning of Spring
for the rosebush of Love.

(As for) the rose that is (brought forth) from Spring, its companion
is the thorn. And (regarding) the wine that is (made) from crushed
grapes, it isn’t without headache and hangover.

On this Path don’t be (someone who is) a talker about
looking around and expecting (something). For by God, there isn’t
any worse death than (anxious) expectancy!

Rush to the pure coin if you aren’t counterfeit. Activate your ear
(to hear) this subtle point if there isn’t a (slave’s) earring (on you).

Don’t tremble upon the horse of the body, (but) be lighter (going)
on foot; God will give wings to the one who isn’t a rider upon the

Abandon worry and become completely pure of heart, like the
mirror’s (pure) face that isn’t (tarnished) by engravings and

When (it) has become pure of pictures, all pictures are within it,
(and) that pure-faced one isn’t embarrassed by the face of any

Do you want yourself (to be) pure of defect? (Then) look
toward Him who isn’t ashamed or afraid of speaking the truth.

Since the iron-faced (mirror) obtained this talent and skill from
purity, (consider) to what extent the heart’s face will gain that isn’t
(covered by) dust!

I said, “What may it gain?” No, I will not speak (further);
silence is better –so that the beloved won’t say, “He isn’t a keeper
of secrets.

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–From The Dîwân-é Kabîr (also known as “Kulliyat-é Shams” and
“Dîwân-é Shams-é Tabrîz”) of Jalaluddin Rumi.
Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard, 1/99
© Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration)
First published on “Sunlight” (, 2/1/00 (revised,

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