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Robert Bly was born in1926 Minnesota, US. After a period of two years in the navy from 1944 -1946 he went toSt. Olaf College in Minnesota. After one year in Minnsota college Robert Bly went to Harvard where he joined an illustrious group of writers. At that period Harvard was home to writers such asDonald Hall, Adrienne Rich, Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery, and John Hawkes.

Robert Bly has had many roles in his illustrious career. He is a chronicler and mentor of young poets, was a leader of the antiwar movement, founded the men’s movement, and wrote the bestselling book Iron John, which brought the men’s movement to the attention of the world. Robert Bly has completedmany collections of poetry and is one of America’s pre -eminent poets writing today.

Robert Bly has also translatedtwo collections of poetry by the ecstatic spiritual poets Mirabai and Kabir


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