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He it is, the innermost one, who awakens my being with his deep

hidden touches.

He it is who puts his enchantment upon these eyes and joyfully

plays on the chords of my heart in varied cadence of pleasure and


He it is who weaves the web of this _maya_ in evanescent

hues of gold and silver, blue and green, and lets peep out

through the folds his feet, at whose touch I forget myself.

Days come and ages pass, and it is ever he who moves my heart in

many a name, in many a guise, in many a rapture of joy and of


Deliverance is not for me in renunciation.  I feel the embrace of

freedom in a thousand bonds of delight.

Thou ever pourest for me the fresh draught of thy wine of various

colours and fragrance, filling this earthen vessel to the brim.

My world will light its hundred different lamps with thy flame

and place them before the altar of thy temple.

No, I will never shut the doors of my senses.  The delights of

sight and hearing and touch will bear thy delight.

Yes, all my illusions will burn into illumination of joy, and all

my desires ripen into fruits of love.

The day is no more, the shadow is upon the earth.  It is time

that I go to the stream to fill my pitcher.

The evening air is eager with the sad music of the water.  Ah, it

calls me out into the dusk.  In the lonely lane there is no

passer-by, the wind is up, the ripples are rampant in the river.

I know not if I shall come back home.  I know not whom I shall

chance to meet.  There at the fording in the little boat the

unknown man plays upon his lute.

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From: GITANJALI – ‘Song Offerings’



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