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My desires are many and my cry is pitiful, but ever didst thou

save me by hard refusals; and this strong mercy has been wrought

into my life through and through.

Day by day thou art making me worthy of the simple, great gifts

that thou gavest to me unasked–this sky and the light, this body

and the life and the mind–saving me from perils of overmuch


There are times when I languidly linger and times when I awaken

and hurry in search of my goal; but cruelly thou hidest thyself

from before me.

Day by day thou art making me worthy of thy full acceptance by

refusing me ever and anon, saving me from perils of weak,

uncertain desire.

I am here to sing thee songs.  In this hall of thine I have a

corner seat.

In thy world I have no work to do; my useless life can only break

out in tunes without a purpose.

When the hour strikes for thy silent worship at the dark temple

of midnight, command me, my master, to stand before thee to sing.

When in the morning air the golden harp is tuned, honour me,

commanding my presence.

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From: GITANJALI – ‘Song Offerings’



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