Quotes on Pain


Quotes on Pain

by: Sri Chinmoy

‘There is a general notion that if we go through suffering, tribulations and physical pain then our system will be purified. This idea is not founded upon reality.’

‘We shall not welcome pain; we shall try to conquer pain if it appears. If we can take pain as an experience, then we can try to transform it into joy by our own identification with joy, which we then try to bring into the pain itself.’

‘We know physical pain, vital pain and mental pain. But there is also psychic pain. On the ordinary human level, we get psychic pain when someone whom we are attached to deserts us. But on the spiritual level, psychic pain is an inner pain, a sense of supreme loss, the feeling that our Beloved Supreme, for whom we are crying, is still far away.’

‘There are some people who feel that pain is indispensable, but it is not necessary to go through suffering before we can enter into the kingdom of Delight.’

‘If we invite pain or invoke pain to make us conscious of God’s Reality, then our progress will be very slow. God is all Bliss. He does not want us to cut off our limbs to prove to Him how much we care for Him. He will say, ‘Children, you are fools. I am all-loving. You should come to Me with all your heart’s love, not through your body’s pain.’

‘Adversity makes you dynamic. Adversity forces your eyes wide open. Adversity teaches you the meaning of patience. Adversity endows you with faith in yourself. Adversity opens the secret door through which you can see the ultimate future fulfilment of God’s Will.’

‘To think that pain is a well-deserved punishment is wrong. To think that pain is an unavoidable heritage of karma is worse. To think that pain can never be surmounted is worst of all. Pain is a momentary experience of one’s limited self before it enters into the sea of Bliss.’


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