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dan ladinsky

Daniel Ladinsky was born in 1948 and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. For six years he made his home in western India, where he worked in a rural clinic free to the poor and lived with the family of Meher Baba, a noted Spiritual Master. the poetry of the great fourteenth-century Sufi poet Hafiz, who, according to Coleman Barks, is “one of the rare mysteries of world literature.” He has published three volumes of Hafiz’s poetry in translation: The Gift, The Subject Tonight is Love and I Heard God Laughing.

He lives in rural America. He runs a wilderness farm in Ozarks, and speaks about how he has been drawn to living in nature.

“…I am so drawn to nature and was planning to spend more and more time at a wilderness farm I have in the Ozarks, it occurred to me that nature and art were royal twins. And that people who lived in cities can so need to associate with art simply because it helps to keep one sane at the least, and can deeply nourish and inspire at its best. Nature and art are sacred breasts we can feed on to grow. They are vital to our evolution. They offer a jailbreak or leave from the madness and demands we can get caught in. Of course love does that, too. Love dissolves boundaries and ultimately removes any contour that is not luminous.”

– Daniel Ladinsky, (Huffington Post)

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