Song Of the Mystic – God


And upon the stillness of a cloud-filled
afternoon, the child asked of the Mystic:

“Where is God, the Creator, and how
will I endeavor to find the sacredness of
His Being?”

And the Mystic answered:

Once upon a thousand years ago did a
man seek the answer to your very question.
He searched the mountains for the One
called God;
But he only saw the green and yellow
blanket of distant aspen trees.
He walked along the ocean shore, to
know the Creator of Life;
But all he heard was the rhythmic roar
of the tide’s own song.
He rode across the prairie, looking to
find God at his journey’s end;
But all that came to him was the sweet
fragrance of the wild flower’s bloom.
He reached out for the sky, pleading for
a sign of His Presence;
But he only felt the vastness and timelessness
of the starlit night.
Oh foolish man that he was, to search for
God with the eyes of his mind;
When He was forever with him, when seen
through the eyes of his soul.

Excerpts from ‘The Prophet’s Candle‘ by Daniel



(Contemporary Spiritual Poets)  (Spiritual Poets)