True Passion of the Christ






During this holy week, as the multitude of people
celebrate and reflect over the Passion of the Christ,
dwell not upon the brutality surrounding His death.

The Passion of the Christ lies not within His death
but rather in how He lived His life;
and that Life serves as an undying testament to the
Passion that is Love.

The Master would not have you remember the nails
that bound Him, nor the thorny crown that mocked Him;
He would not have you weep over the suffering wounds,
nor accuse and condemn the ignorance of betrayal.

The Beloved One would simply say unto the world…

‘And I would have you remember this,
in remembering me…
That for all my days have I loved you,
and that love shall never perish through the coming lifetimes.
Come hither, and fill the cup of your soul
from the love-spring of my heart.
Drink deeply, that you might never forget;
and live within the lessons taught unto you this day,
that I may always live upon your deepest desire.
Love one another, even as you have chosen to love me;
to do less, would be to strip the pages of my life,
leaving them empty and barren of all meaning,
for I say unto you,
that you are the sons and the daughters of the living God.
Fare thee well, oh beloved children,
until the morrow doeth find a greater dawn.’

And this, my beloved friends, is the true
Passion of the Christ.

Excerpts from Daniel’s website ‘The Prophet’s Candle‘ 



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