Song Of the Mystic – The Christ


And upon a dark day of thundering storms,
the Mystic spoke unto his disciple:

What troubles your heart this day my
What engulfing sadness tears at your
soul, as the lightning across the skies?

And the child replied, “Oh Master, they
killed him; he who came to light their candles
with the burning flame of Truth. And in their
blind ignorance did they shamefully kill the
Son of God.”

But the Mystic answered:

Jesus the Christ was not slain upon a
wooden cross;
It was only your brother, Jesus the man,
they killed that darkened day.
For the Christ is without mortal ending,
being the total loving Spirit of all Mankind.
Fear not little one, for the Christ shall
come unto this world again.
And what shall it be to witness His sacred
But to open your soul unto the Oneness of
all things,
And become yourself a symbol of the living

Excerpts from ‘The Prophet’s Candle‘ by Daniel



(Contemporary Spiritual Poets)  (Spiritual Poets)