Poems on the Soul


When will I be able to meet
With my divine tutor,
My soul?


Invite your soul
To enter into your mind-jungle  
To clear it up.
Invite your soul
To enter into your heart-insecurity
To strengthen it.
Invite your soul
To encourage you in all that you do and say.
Your soul will inspire you,  
Fulfil you
Immortalise you

 Excerpt from Transcendence-Perfection by Sri Chinmoy.

“O Soul, once more your heart. Tell me your absolute secret, please.

  “I live for the Supreme and for the Supreme alone. This is my Absolute Secret.”

excerpt From: My Soul by: Sri Chinmoy

Writing on Soul

by: Sri Chinmoy

“Each soul is not only an important page in the Book of Fate, but also essential to it, for without it the Book must needs be incomplete.   

Each soul is a representative and a presentation of the Supreme on earth. When the representative is recognised by its owner, the presentation fulfils itself in the Supreme.  

The soul comes into birth for experience. And its experience will be complete when it brings down all the perfection of the Divine into Matter….”

From: The Soul by Sri Chinmoy