Poems about Tolerance


Poems on Tolerance

by Sri Chinmoy


Is a secret and sacred way
To enrich our human life.


Strength and tolerance
Must be eternal partners
To be victorious in life.


India is not Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist.
India is India.
Its tolerance is more than ready
To freely house all religions.


Tolerance is not peace,
But from tolerance,
In the near or distant future,
Peace may blossom.



If I cannot have compassion-power,
Let me have forgiveness-power.
If I cannot have forgiveness-power,
Let me have tolerance-power.
If I cannot have tolerance-power,
Let me at least delay
My judgement-power.

Writings on Tolerance

Qu. How can we be taught to become tolerant?

SRI CHINMOY: Let us try to know the spiritual significance of tolerance. Tolerance is not conscious submission to a superior power. Real tolerance is compassion in disguise. When we have real tolerance, the seeker in us sees the expansion of his loving heart, his illumining soul and his fulfilling goal.


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