The happiness you seek, will be found deep within
Realization will dawn, as you live out each day
You need no approval, but that of yourself
The power of your essence will show you the way

Hold till completion, the decisions you make
Always thinking of others, but yourself must be first
Spread betterment and help, to all that you touch
Living in truth, rather than living the curse

Strive to serve, a more fruitful, of purpose in life
A path full of honesty, love, and real hope
Make your soul a bright beacon, let it shine in the night
So the others that see, learn a new way to cope

Go now, find the truth, for yourself once again
So that you too may learn, and share with your friends
With the loved ones around you, the people who care
Giving guidance they need, the peace never ends

And as you become at long last, their new guide
You realize at the end, you are happy and full
For the only thing, that we can take at this journey’s end
Are the things we have given, and the truth that we know…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 1st, 2007