My Companion

My Companion

Graceful and silent moving through the night Ever searching, but knowing not that for which I seek Something, something special, uniquely mine It must be out here, alone and searching just like me

I call with woeful, lonesome cry My answer an echo of my pleas off canyon walls I cry again, ” Is there someone there? Someone who cares? Someone like me, all alone in the night? The answer that comes, the roaring silence of an empty night I must keep looking, ever searching, find the answer to plea Driven ever by heart-rending pain of my yearning need.

Startled I stop, the faintest of sounds on the breeze I quiet and listen, and hear it, a voice near still as my own A whispering in the darkness, ” Here I am, here I am. Do you see me, can you see me, come to me, here I am” Soft and gentle, caressing my senses, it begins once more “I am here, reach out to me, sing to me, feel me, know me, and love me, I too have the yearning and need.”

“Where? Where are you?” almost frantic in my haste I dash around, the search renewed, new hope and initiate faith The other calls “I would know your soul, caress your face” I sing back to her of gentle love, of sadness in her absence Of dreams I hold, of visions sought, of journey undertaken I know remember, the vision clears, I am never lost and alone And to you my friend, I will gladly sing, my songs of love and longing

For you have been my stalwart friend, and often my only lover, And as always before, you are here once again Dear Moon, my quiet companion

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 29th, 2007